TryHackMe — Linux Fundamentals Part 3

Amol Rangari
2 min readApr 22, 2022


Task 1

1-)Let’s proceed!

No Answer Needed

Task 2

1-) I’ve logged into the Linux Fundamentals Part 3 machine using SSH and have deployed the AttackBox successfully!

No Answer Needed

Task 3

1-) Create a file using Nano

No Answer Needed

2-)Edit “task3” located in “tryhackme”’s home directory using Nano. What is the flag?


Task 4

1-)Ensure you are connected to the deployed instance (MACHINE_IP)

No Answer Needed

2-)Now, use Python 3’s “HTTPServer” module to start a web server in the home directory of the “tryhackme” user on the deployed instance.

No Answer Needed

3-)Download the file http://MACHINE_IP:8000/.flag.txt onto the TryHackMe AttackBox

What are the contents?


4-)Create and download files to further apply your learning — see how you can read the documentation on Python3’s “HTTPServer” module.

Use Ctrl + C to stop the Python3 HTTPServer module once you are finished.

No Answer Needed

Task 5

1-) Read me!

No Answer Needed

2-)If we were to launch a process where the previous ID was “300”, what would the ID of this new process be?


3-)If we wanted to cleanly kill a process, what signal would we send it?


4-)Locate the process that is running on the deployed instance (MACHINE_IP). What flag is given?


5-)What command would we use to stop the service “myservice”?

systemctl stop myservice

6-)What command would we use to start the same service on the boot-up of the system?

systemctl enable myservice

7-)What command would we use to bring a previously backgrounded process back to the foreground?


Task 6

1-)Ensure you are connected to the deployed instance and look at the running crontabs.

No Answer Needed

2-)When will the crontab on the deployed instance (MACHINE_IP) run?


Task 7

1-) Since TryHackMe instances do not have an internet connection…this task only requires you to read through the material.

No Answer Needed

Task 8

1-)Look for the apache2 logs on the deployable Linux machine

No Answer Needed

2-)What is the IP address of the user who visited the site?

3-)What file did they access?


Task 9

1-) Terminate the machine deployed in this room from task 2.

No Answer Needed

2-)Continue your learning in other Linux-dedicated rooms

No Answer Needed



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