Advent of Cyber 2022| [Day8]| TryHackMe write-up

Amol Rangari
Dec 9, 2022

Last Christmas I gave you my ETH

Disclaimer: The purpose of this writeup is to help you when you get stuck not to do it for you. Obviously people at TryHackMe spent quite a lot of time creating this challenge. Please go through provided material first. ( you can learn something, after all. ;)

What flag is found after attacking the provided EtherStore Contract?

As always please read/watch the whole thing and then you can actually learn something. ;)

Or you can be smart-a$$ and try to glue together flag from EtherStore.sol

But please do not. And just do it the right way.

Answer: flag{411_ur_37h_15_m1n3}

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